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We’re on the lookout for talented, thoughtful, collaborative individuals with the passion, commitment and ability that’s needed to bring our work to life. We welcome candidates who are credentialed teachers and career switchers who want to bring their passions and interests to our students.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Builds strong, supportive relationships with students and creates joyful learning environments
  • Thrives on a team of designers and changemakers in education
  • Is excited to co-design and co-facilitate ambitious projects with innovative colleagues
  • Wants to work together with students to design, build, and make professional quality products
  • Works well on a team in close collaboration with others
  • Is reflective and thoughtful about their practice, seeks feedback, and is excited to grow as a teacher, project designer, and educational leader

As our small school is growing next year, we are looking for a few outstanding candidates in

  • Math
  • Science (Biology, Engineering/Computer Science, Physics)
  • Humanities (English & Social Studies/History)
  • Art and/or Multimedia Design
  • Special Education


Please e-mail lillian.hsu@latitudehigh.org to express interest in any future employment opportunities.

Featured Position

Latitude High School Seeks Math Teacher to Join Our Team of Dynamic Educators!

Latitude is seeking a reflective math educator who wants to be part of building an extraordinary math program alongside innovative colleagues. We are seeking folks who find joy and meaning in engaging students with mathematics in novel ways. We are reflective practitioners who are relentlessly curious about designing powerful learning environments for our students. We are deeply inspired by the work of Jo Boaler and Elizabeth Cohen, and by the possibilities inherent within complex instruction to create a truly equitable environment in the secondary math classroom.


How We Are Different As a Math Team

  • We are seasoned math teachers with deep experience in teaching in Oakland. (Our most veteran math teacher is the co-author of Mathematics for Equity, and his classroom was profiled in Jo Boaler’s pioneering research).
  • Our math team has a track record of developing teacher talent. You will grow significantly/rapidly as a math teacher at Latitude.
  • We build meaningful relationships with our students such that they feel safe to explore mathematics in new ways.
  • Our classrooms are lively and nimble. We work to build powerful classroom culture where all kids internalize that everyone can excel in mathematics at the highest levels.
  • We challenge our assumptions. Our commitment is to student understanding, and this drives all curricular and instructional choices. If something is not working, we reflect and adjust.
  • We have a partnership with Stanford’s Center for Assessment and Learning. Our math team receives weekly coaching and mentoring from experts in the field.

Questions We Are Asking

  • How can we support kids in understanding mathematics as an interconnected language—not as a series of unrelated algorithms—and applying their learning flexibly in unique situations?
  • What are the enabling conditions that lead to ownership of student mathematical thinking and demonstration of mathematical learning?
  • What does it mean to create a truly equitable math learning environment driven by student interactions?

About Our School

  • Latitude High School is an XQ Super School in Oakland, California, that thinks creatively about using the Bay Area as our extended classroom. Our students engage in hands-on and minds-on learning that connects them with local issues and changemakers, while expanding their skill sets as designers, communicators, and problem solvers. Our current team is composed of experienced educators from High Tech High in San Diego, as well as amazing educators with deep roots in Oakland. Our team laughs together, celebrates together, and collaborates deeply to build a school that nurtures the students and adults in our community.

    To learn more about our school, check out our happenings on Instagram and Facebook.

    To apply, email your resume and cover letter to jobs@latitudehigh.org

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