Wade Wilgus


Humanities 11

Wade loves designing curriculum for students with students. He prides himself on responsive, personalized teaching and helping kids build bridges between their interests, academics, and their eventual career goals. Wade is a passionate educator who believes that all students can succeed when given the right tools and support. He is always looking for new ways to engage and challenge his students, and he is committed to helping them reach their full potential.

In 2007, he began his formal instructional journey, teaching English and History at the Calvin Simmons Middle School campus on 35th Avenue. Then came a spate of manual labor, reorganizing a prison reform library, and publishing ebooks before finding a role facilitating projects again: managing the community at Instructables.com, a project-sharing startup that was later acquired by Autodesk Inc. That movement between the startup world, Fortune 500 corporations, and public schools of all kinds enables Wade to bring fresh and innovative perspectives and practices to his students and colleagues.

Beyond the classroom, Wade’s creative spirit thrives. He enjoys gardening, building, and exploring the inner workings of things. A voracious reader, Wade seeks constant inspiration from classic literature to NBA trade rumors. He loves inventing games to play with his daughter and cares devotedly for his two bulldogs. Wade’s curiosity and ingenuity fuel his journey as an educator and lifelong learner.

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