Miriam Jimenez


Para Educator

Ms. Mimi was born in East Palo Alto but moved to Hayward when she was in third grade. Ms. Mimi continued her education throughout the years. Ms. Mimi was in high school when she found out that working with children was going to be one of the options when she did an internship at Kidango Preschool in San Leandro. After Ms. Mimi graduated from high school, she proceeded to attend medical school where Ms. Mimi was able to obtain her Medical Assistant Certification. Shortly after completing medical school, Ms. Mimi took an Early Child Development class at Chabot College to continue obtaining more guidance in working with children and to achieve her Associates degree in Early Child Development. During Covid, Ms. Mimi started a phlebotomy course, and she is 40 hours away from completing her course that most likely will be finished by summer 2024. Ms. Mimi has been working with children for 13 years now with all ages. Ms. Mimi continues to grow her relationship with the community and parents she works with. Ms. Mimi is always willing to learn from colleagues and is willing to expand her learning to provide her best in serving the children she works with.

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