Mike Cellemme


Community Partnerships Lead

Michael’s core belief is that every human being can have an enormous impact in the world around them. Education should be a process where individuals explore what they love and pursue meaningful change in the community.

Michael has been teaching for over 20 years in schools in Japan, Rhode Island, and California. Knowing that education can be a transformative experience for individuals, Michael joined the Met School in Rhode Island–the original Big Picture School–built on the belief that schools should be designed to support “one student at a time.” Michael collaborated with colleagues to create the first ever Arts Magnet Advisory through the Met School. This exciting “school outside of a school” was housed in a community Art Center. Students created their own learning plans to develop artistic portfolios, intern with professional artists, and gain access to art-focused universities.

For the past 10 years, Michael has been coordinating internships and connecting students to real world learning opportunities. Before joining Latitude, Michael served as the MetWest Internship Coordinator, developing partnerships with organizations for hundreds of students to explore their passions and career pathways at local companies, hospitals, social justice organizations, and technology firms.

Michael is excited to be sharing his passion for real world learning with the Latitude Community. He is honored to be working with this incredible school and looks forward to connecting each student with an internship of their dreams!

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