Mark Isero


Assistant Principal

Mark is honored to serve the students and families of Latitude as its assistant principal. Latitude’s students are kind, thoughtful, and brilliant. Mr. Isero deeply believes in their ability to do amazing things when they’re offered learning opportunities that open their minds and capture their interests. To that end, he will be supporting our teachers this year to develop projects that challenge students to create meaningful work that elicits their pride and improves the community.
Before coming to Latitude, Mr. Isero grew up in the Bay Area, graduated from UC Berkeley and Harvard University, and taught for 15 years in San Francisco at Leadership High School, which focused on engaging students in authentic project-based learning. Then Mr. Isero moved to Oakland, where he supported teachers for 10 years as an Instructional Coach and as Envision Education’s Director of Instruction.
Mr. Isero is also a big believer in the power of literacy. In addition to supporting reading instruction in the Humanities Department, he leads Pageturner, a nonprofit that provides Kindles and unlimited access to books for 2,000 young people in Oakland.

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