Lex Schoenberg


Science Lead

In the current school year, Lex Schoenberg is embarking on her fifth year as a teacher at Latitude and her eighth year within the field of education. Lex’s upbringing took place in Tehachapi, a small town in Southern California, where she encountered various forms of schooling, including public district schools, private schools, public charter schools, and homeschooling. These diverse experiences shaped Lex’s interest in innovative education, as she firmly believes that there is no universally effective model of schooling for every student. During high school, she actively participated in sports, yearbook, community service clubs, and orchestra. She was fortunate to attend Stanford University for her college education.

At Stanford, Lex initially grappled with choosing a major, but her fascination with Product Design Engineering eventually became a defining passion. This program seamlessly integrated art and business courses with mechanical engineering skills and employed a project-based approach, similar to the Entrepreneurship class she currently teaches at Latitude. Additionally, she pursued a minor in Human Biology, initially considering a career in medicine but ultimately realizing her preference for addressing “upstream” issues to prevent chronic illnesses and injuries.

Lex holds cherished memories from her college years, particularly from the internships she completed. She spent a summer working for General Motors in Detroit, gaining insights into the automotive design process. This experience led Lex to the conclusion that she did not wish to pursue a career within a large, slow-moving corporation. Subsequently, she seized an opportunity to work with a four-person startup nonprofit organization in South Africa, marking her first foray into curriculum design, which she found immensely fulfilling. This experience inspired Lex to pursue classroom teaching internships and long-term substitute positions, reaffirming her passion for education.

In 2019, Lex completed her Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and she has remained a dedicated member of the Latitude community ever since. Over the years, she has taught a range of subjects, including Design-Engineering, Physics, and Biology. Currently, she serves as the Dean of Science while also instructing the Entrepreneurship aspect of the senior Launch Lab program. Lex has been actively involved in Latitude’s expanding sports program and will continue to coach women’s basketball.

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