Javier Torres


Humanities 9

Javier is an alumnus of U.C. Berkeley, originally hailing from South Central Los Angeles. He is a first generation college graduate who has dedicated his efforts in working with youth in Oakland. Upon graduating from Cal with a degree in History, Javier worked in the world of marketing in San Francisco, a career that was short lived. His true passion lies in education, specifically tackling issues that revolve around racial inequity, social justice, and cyclical levels of poverty present in underserved neighborhoods: Neighborhoods that reminded him of home, neighborhoods that made him feel at home, neighborhoods that have become his home. Javier holds the Fruitvale close to his heart.
Javier began his career at Epic Middle School, where he taught for five years. At Latitude, Javier reunited with many students that he formerly taught at Epic, a reunion that has brought him immense joy. His journey has been a “turbulent beauty,” according to Javier. Javier strives to give it his all everyday, knowing that the students need the best in order to be the best. His journey is just beginning, and as the late Nipsey Hussle stated, the marathon continues.

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