Chava Friedland


Math 9

Chava Friedland is in her first year of teaching Algebra 1 at Latitude! Her priority as a math teacher is building a joyful classroom environment where every student feels capable, challenged, and seen for their unique brilliance. Chava believes that math is about exploring, communicating, and being convincing about your ideas — not just getting the right answer as quickly as possible. Growing up, Chava was blessed to have strong mentors in and out of school who supported her and helped her pursue her passions, and it was these mentor relationships that led her to become a teacher to support her own students in becoming their best selves.

Chava earned her bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology Studies from Wesleyan University and her master’s degree in Teaching from Stanford University, specializing in mathematics. Prior to this year, she taught math at Julia Morgan School for Girls, where she honed her drive to make math class a place of empowerment for girls and students who are typically marginalized in STEM classes. Originally from the suburbs of DC, Chava has lived in the Bay Area for four years and loves everything about it, especially the rich history, community, and culture of Oakland. In her free time, she loves to knit, cook, and go on walks with her partner Alex and her chihuahua Tobias.

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