Camille Iman Woods

Camille Iman is committed to celebrating the innovation and creativity that stems from diversity. Her service recognizes that education is a tool to design a more equitable and humane world.

She holds a Bachelors of Arts in English with an emphasis in Literature, Criticism, and Theory from UC Davis & a Masters of Education in Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies from Vanderbilt University. She earned her stars in the classroom teaching in Stockton, CA where she designed and taught “The Changes Project”, inspired by Tupac Shakur. Students research issues in their local context before leading a letter writing campaign to community stakeholders.

Her journey to Latitude was driven by her engagement in her community. Camille Iman has sat on the board of a spoken word collective, and directed theatrical productions to raise thousands in support of intersectional gender equity. She wrote the first poetry column for the California Aggie and has published her own creative writing in literary journals and anthologies. Her work in the Arts is complimented by her commitment to providing all people a seat at the table. Camille Iman served as a creative strategist in the nonprofit world, where she helped lead thousands of people from all walks of life in an annual march to the California State Capitol with joy & empowerment on display.

Classrooms, Stages, Boardrooms, and Kitchen Tables, Camille Iman builds bridges between arts, activism, and education. Her full name is Camille Iman Woods. She goes by “Camille Iman” on a first name basis & “Ms.Iman” in the classroom. She is excited to be part of the Latitude community.